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  Your dog has been kidnapped! And you find yourself trapped in a dark and hideous prison... Is this just an ordinary game of a Character and their Dog? Or could it hold the answer to a well-hidden secret that will change your life forevermore? 

OXOGO  is a tribute to classical and retro RPGs. Plenty of dungeons, puzzles and action... but inside the game, we have hidden all the clues to find a constantly growing prize.

Find more information about the prize here.

  • As a tribute to classic RPGs, OXOGO is a top-view action game which combines puzzles and real time combat.

  • Activate switches, open doors, solve puzzles and stun enemies with Dog.


  • More than 4-6 hours of gameplay (depending of how hardcore of a gamer you are!) and a full and memorable original soundtrack.

  • Infiltrate your way through different levels and beware of the enemies! 

  • Em<bark> on an adventure through the unknown, across the chambers of the long-forgotten, of the times yet to come... Who is behind this prison-fortress and its intricate secrets? Explore all rooms and find the key to solve the mystery that will lead you to an incredible and elusive treasure! A big prize which will be growing with each purchase of the game! 

  • And an overdose of cuteness with the faithful Dog!


Inside this adventure and across all the gameplay, you'll have access to hidden clues that will lead you to get a big prize, a prize that will be growing with the benefits of the game. A part of these benefits will be destined to this treasure, so you can solve the mystery and claim it for you! The more players play the game, the bigger the treasure! Check the webpage for more details.


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How will people know if the prize has already been claimed? Wouldn't want to be wasting time only to realize I am too late. Especially, since it's the main selling point of your game...

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If the mystery is solved, it will be announced here and on the official mystery page. For the moment it has not been so. Remember that you can also play the different free versions. The sale is mainly oriented to make the prize grow. Thank you for your interest in the game. 

Thank you.

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I have been on the hunt for over a week now with over 70hrs of looking into the game and possible clue. I am unable to find the "context" of the clue to be able to decipher anything from them. I thought I would list some of my findings to help future people maybe figure out something I am unable to do. 

There are 6 different pictographs that make up the writing on the monolith. I am unsure exactly what they are supposed to be but seem snake like in their imagery. All 6 different images can be found on the temple floor along with other characters. 

The other characters I have found throughout the game in different images and levels. There appear to be a total of 13 different ones. When looking at them my mind wants to convert then into letters or words but there is a problem with this thinking. Stated in a previous comment is that ones language should not hinder anyone therefore the images are likely to be ideas or numbers. If language doesnt make a difference the key would likely be number or a proper name where spelling is the same regardless of language. I have tried binary, translations from and to Galician, and number sequences to no avail.

After reading though interviews and the history of the making of this game I do believe my issue is "context". I understand we are looking for a password but what is the password based off of. Is it this:

"Who is behind this prison-fortress and its intricate secrets? Explore all rooms and find the key to solve the mystery that will lead you to an incredible and elusive treasure!" 

With many other treasure hunts you are given the first clue or the idea of what you are trying to put together. Examples of this are Merlin's Mystery where we knew that we were looking for the ingredients and words to cast a spell long forgotten or Fenn's treasure where a cryptic poem started us off into the Rocky Mountains. 

Then there is also the issue of are the clues exclusive to in-game or is outside research needed to understand the scope of the clues such as French Sociology.

I will continue to look but wont have the amount of dedicated time as I was able to have this past week. Good luck to you all and hopefully I was able to help someone if I am unable to find the treasure myself.


Thank you very much for your collaborative attitude! I hope that at some point you will be able to investigate again. Best regards and good luck!

I have been on the hunt now for a few days, playing the game multiple times over and screenshotting everything. I even managed to find a way outside of the map on the 'Magma' level and able to access a small island in the top right corner of the map. Not sure if it was supposed to be there or not. As Auguste Comte once said "Foreknowledge is power."

Hi Kysaut! Looks like you're doing a good job taking the game apart! I didn't even remember that island was there. Take it as an easter egg. Haha. Good luck with your quest and thanks for playing.

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I understand you are not able to talk about the clues but I do have a question if you are able to answer. Has the mystery been stated? For instance, in Merlin's Mystery we knew where to start, we knew roughly what we were after. 

Yes, of course. You can find that information on the website (oxogo.info). Briefly said, you need to find out the password to a zip file that holds the instructions for claiming the prize. Regards!

So I've tried cracking the puzzle for a few days now and I can't seem to make any headway, and I keep coming away with more questions than answers

I feel like the "clues" and text are too sparse to actually indicate anything meaningful and there's no proper path to decoding anything.

Did you actually test this on people that weren't developers and have you tried to solve it while thinking in another language (is it even expecting a specific language?)
There might be a language barrier here that is unaccounted for.

Hi Jon_Dog. First of all, thank you very much for your interest in solving the mystery! Regarding what you comment, I can't give you information about the clues, but I can tell you that there are probably many that you are not seeing yet. In fact, the solution can be reached by several ways. On the other hand, one's language should not be a disadvantage in any case. Regarding the testing issue, the mystery is meant to be difficult enough to solve, so if it had been solved during beta testing the game would be pointless. What was done was to gather feedback on the solution process and there was a consensus that the mystery was coherent and solvable. Either way, I encourage you to keep digging and I'm sure you'll find new hints soon!

Since my first comment I have managed to come up with some hypotheses that align with some of the game, but no idea if it gets me any further

I get that you can't give away much, but what you have given players is a zip file, a game, and the single goal of finding enough info to obtain a password. I swear I came across a mention somewhere that hints would be posted on social media, but I've only found gifs showing basic gameplay mechanics.

I've played games with secret languages before and many other puzzle games, but without in game feedback or even an idea of what is signal and what is noise, I feel like I am just spinning wheels in the mud

Just in case it isn't clear, I have completed the game and revisited a few areas.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey Apokryphon! Thank you very much for playing and for your interest. Unfortunately, to keep it fair I can't make clarifications on the game's clues. But playing it again and looking in depth seems like a good option!

No problem! I totally understand

I can't download the encrypted file... has someone won the prize already? 

We apologize, due to an error the file was not available for download. The problem should be fixed now. Thank you very much for the warning! Regarding your question, no, nobody has solved the mystery yet!

thanks, enjoying the game! I tried to download the file but it got caught in my virus guard. Is there an issue with it?

Thank you so much for playing! I hope you really enjoy it! I don't know where the problem with your antivirus can come from. It is simply a compressed and encrypted file. It does not contain any software inside. Anyway don't worry, you can save it without fear.


can i ask what game engine did you use ?

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GDevelop! All free and open-source software.


Thanks man!