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  Your dog has been kidnapped! And you find yourself trapped in a dark and hideous prison... Is this just an ordinary game of a Character and their Dog? Or could it hold the answer to a well-hidden secret that will change your life forevermore? 

OXOGO  is a tribute to classical and retro RPGs. Plenty of dungeons, puzzles and action... but inside the game, we have hidden all the clues to find a constantly growing prize.

Find more information about the prize here.

  • As a tribute to classic RPGs, OXOGO is a top-view action game which combines puzzles and real time combat.

  • Activate switches, open doors, solve puzzles and stun enemies with Dog.


  • More than 4-6 hours of gameplay (depending of how hardcore of a gamer you are!) and a full and memorable original soundtrack.

  • Infiltrate your way through different levels and beware of the enemies! 

  • Em<bark> on an adventure through the unknown, across the chambers of the long-forgotten, of the times yet to come... Who is behind this prison-fortress and its intricate secrets? Explore all rooms and find the key to solve the mystery that will lead you to an incredible and elusive treasure! A big prize which will be growing with each purchase of the game! 

  • And an overdose of cuteness with the faithful Dog!


Inside this adventure and across all the gameplay, you'll have access to hidden clues that will lead you to get a big prize, a prize that will be growing with the benefits of the game. A part of these benefits will be destined to this treasure, so you can solve the mystery and claim it for you! The more players play the game, the bigger the treasure! Check the webpage for more details.


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I can't download the encrypted file... has someone won the prize already? 

We apologize, due to an error the file was not available for download. The problem should be fixed now. Thank you very much for the warning! Regarding your question, no, nobody has solved the mystery yet!


can i ask what game engine did you use ?

(1 edit) (+1)

GDevelop! All free and open-source software.


Thanks man!